How To Hire The Best Dedicated Developers In Canada

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How To Hire The Best Dedicated Developers In Canada

Are you looking to assemble a committed development team for your company in Canada? Wait a minute! It’s difficult to find committed developers in Canada. Shopify, Constellation, and Descartes are just a few of the major software businesses in Canada vying for top talent.

Recruiting a development team for your project may be difficult if you are a tiny startup or have limited finances.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Dedicated Development Team Canada?

Upon commencing your search for a development team focused on Canada, you will likely encounter difficulties straight immediately. First off, a number of massive US and Canadian corporations are in need of hundreds of developers for various projects. They entice new hires with competitive salaries, incentives, paid time off, and even ownership holdings in the firm in order to maintain a healthy talent pool.

A lot of developers have also changed their emphasis, opting to work independently or as freelancers rather than being committed to a particular project. You will need to think outside the box if you want a specialized software development team.

How To Hire a Dedicated Development Team In Canada?

You have to start searching in undiscovered areas and provide them with an offering that no one else can if you want to locate a committed team of developers in Canada. Let’s examine a couple of strategies:

Make the Developers Visit You:

Getting developers to come to you instead of searching for them is sometimes the best course of action. Post engaging material and organize development gatherings and hackathons. Even better, you may invite developers to participate in code challenges that you post publicly. This strategy works well because it helps you attract people who are really interested in what you do and strengthens your brand within the development community.

Utilize Your Community:

There’s a good chance that you have universities in your area that offer computer science as a major. Ask them if there are any chances for you to present for internships or perhaps guest lectures at the establishment. Once again, it’s an excellent strategy to establish your brand and a terrific way to uncover gifted young pupils to assist you. Early engagement with the appropriate talent will not only allow you to make use of their abilities at a discounted rate, but it may also pave the way for a potential full-time position down the road. Both you and the students benefit from having the necessary experience, and you fill open positions.

Launch a Referral Programme:

If you currently employ a few developers, it’s likely that they are aware of additional developers. Establish a referral program that offers bonuses to staff members who suggest candidates for employment. This doesn’t have to be a big sum of money ($500–$1000 is often the norm), but it will encourage your staff to consider former colleagues or other graduates who could be interested in joining. Promote this program at onboarding and in internal mailings.

Fill up the Gaps With Independent Contractors:

No matter how hard you try, there are moments when you just can’t assemble a whole squad. Instead of giving up, take proactive measures to close the gaps by using offshore, outsourcing, and freelancing. A more flexible arrangement with employees has advantages as well.

They often have their own equipment, so you don’t have to provide as many benefits. Additionally, you have access to better or more skills than you might otherwise find. Offshoring is another viable option. You may hire a few engineers, or a full team, for a very low fee. Although they have the same expertise, developers in China or Ukraine will charge a third of what Canadians charge.


It’s difficult to find a specialized development team in Canada, therefore you’ll need to think outside the box to solve the issue. Fortunately, even with limited resources, there are many methods to discover your crew!

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