Best Expense Manager Apps for Android

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Best Expense Manager Apps for Android

A handy program or piece of software called Expense Manager helps you manage your daily, monthly, or annual spending on items like bills, utilities, rent, travel, and other related costs. It will enable you to make financial savings and identify the items that cost you the most over a given period. Expense managers are mostly used by company owners, retailers, and travel bloggers to keep tabs on their monthly spending.

There are a ton of expenditure manager applications available in the Google Play Store right now, but not all of them are good enough to utilize. I’m going to recommend some of the top online cost manager applications for Android in this post so you may manage your finances more effectively on the cloud. Therefore, your expenditure management data will remain safe even if you replace your phone or even erase all of its data.


One of the safest apps for managing your money and tracking everyday expenses is called Walnut, which also tracks your monthly expenditures automatically. It assists you in sticking to your spending plan, making on-time bill payments, and increasing your monthly savings.

Additionally, you may see how much you spend on groceries, shopping, and other expenses. For qualified customers, Walnut also offers quick personal loans that may be used for any purpose, including bills, emergencies, vacations, and shopping.

In addition, you may add comments, tags, and bills/receipts to transactions and monitor your reservations for movies, trains, taxis, events, and more. Additionally, Walnut offers other services like Sodexo, bank accounts, credit cards, digital wallets, bank account splitting with pals, and the ability to locate ATMs nearby. All of your data is exportable in PDF & CSV format.


One of the greatest expenditure management apps available for Android smartphones is AndroMoney, which also works with iOS and the web. You may create custom budget Excel sheet reports, manage categories, make daily accounting, and draw thorough reports using AndroMoney. Additionally, it allows for account transfers and multiple account balances. If you are a company owner, AndroMoney can make it simple for you to keep track of your expenses.

The software is available for free download, although it contains advertisements. To get rid of them, you must spend Rs. 340 on the Play Store. To further increase the app’s security and prevent third parties from accessing your data, they also provide password protection for various accounts.


The free financial tracker and money manager app is called Mint. It’s a substitute for Mint Bills, an older program. In addition to standard budgeting tools, Mint offers credit monitoring, personalized warnings when you exceed your spending limit, and bill payment reminders.

You don’t need to enter anything by hand into Mint it records your income, purchases, and savings while automatically syncing with your bank account, credit card, and retirement accounts. In addition, it features a daily budget planner that creates targets for your spending. Your customized goals are also modifiable. Regarding security, mint protects your account with multi-factor authentication.


Another Android app for tracking expenses, budgeting, and personal finance is called Wallet. It assists in taking control of your financial condition by offering the ideal answer from experts. The wallet tracks your spending, bills, and much more by syncing your transactions with the bank, much like other applications. This has several functions, such as shopping lists, cloud synchronization, warranty tracking, and numerous currencies. Additionally, it offers data export and account-sharing features that provide users the flexibility to export or share data with others. Although the Wallet app may be downloaded for free, several functions need an annual membership and in-app payments.

Financial Calculators:

An additional excellent program to aid you with monthly expenditure management is Financial Calculators. The application is just a compilation of calculators for several different purposes, including stock, credit card, auto loan, lease, retirement, finance and investment, loan/mortgage, and other calculators.

To communicate the computation results to other emails, it also offers an email service. Professionals utilize this function mostly to forward the details to their clients. You may rearrange the calculator to suit your needs thanks to the app’s complete calculator customization feature. The Financial Calculator app contains no in-app purchases or advertisements, and it is completely free to use.

Money Manager:

Money Manager is a premium and freemium budgeting tool that assists you in tracking your company and personal expenses and creating daily, weekly, and monthly expenditure reports. Money Manager offers a more visual experience instead of overly complicating the software. It does not only scan transaction information; it also tells you where your money is being spent.

A password lock, asset management, quick statistics, and other features are among the additional features of Money Manager. Additionally, it offers the ability to backup and restore data to another device. If necessary, you may also download the data to an Excel file. You may get the app for free from the Google Play Store.


Your complete financial life—including investments, loans, credit cards, spending, and taxes—is automatically brought together in one location with INDmoney. It also lets you keep tabs on your spending, invest, save, and automatically increase your net worth.

They immediately create a unified account statement for mutual funds, shares, and stock. They also automatically import your money and assets in one click across brokers such as Groww, Zerodha Coin, EtMoney, Paytm Money, CAMS, and Karvy.

It also assists you in handling your bank account, credit cards, daily and monthly costs, etc. INDmoney automatically classifies your spending, offers insights, and sends your bill warnings. The software has no fees and is completely free to use. On the other hand, they also provide premium services, which include a personal finance manager who assists you in managing your accounts.


The most straightforward budget manager app on the Play Store is called Monefy. It lacks the sophisticated automated functions seen in other applications. The user interface (UI) is quite simple to use. The costs are broken down into many categories, and by clicking on the appropriate category, you may add new expenses. You can also modify or reset your monthly budget by clicking on the buttons at the bottom.

It is possible to filter the shown data by days, weeks, months, years, and all times. Additionally, you may select a unique date to filter the information. For commercial, credit card, or personal accounts, it also offers a multiple account capability. Although Monefy can be downloaded for free, there is a premium edition available for Rs. 149 that offers additional sophisticated features including data synchronization, multi-currency support, password security, an expanded widget, and a dark theme.

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