Best Conference Calling Apps for Businesses

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Best Conference Calling Apps for Businesses

Conference calling applications have become more popular over the last ten years. But, in the aftermath of the recent events, a lot of companies have learned to rely on conference calling applications to stay in operation. Choosing the app that works best for your business is more crucial than ever because so many people are choosing to work from home instead of going outdoors, a trend that is probably going to continue.

It might be difficult to decide which conference calling software will be ideal for your company given the abundance of options available on the market, each with different features and costs. For this reason, we’ve put up a list of the top conference calling applications for businesses that are currently on the market.

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is available to all Google accounts. Customers of G Suite Basic and Gmail can hold calls for an indefinite amount of time with up to ten participants for free. But in light of the recent epidemic, Google is now permitting G Suite and G Suite for Education users to offer live streams with up to 100,000 viewers and video conferences with up to 250 participants till September 30, 2020.

such as Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts provide file sharing and access to conference recordings via Google Drive. It also works flawlessly with other Google-based apps, such as Gmail and Calendar.

Microsoft Teams:

Included with Office 365 is Microsoft Teams, an app for phone calls, video conferences, and chat that is completely free. Businesses depend heavily on communication, but users are coming to demand more from conference software. The Teams app integrates Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other Office products to facilitate file sharing and presentations with ease. As a result, it’s the perfect tool for remote cooperation.

In Teams, up to 250 users may video chat simultaneously, and 10,000 viewers can watch a live presentation. Outlook allows you to plan meetings, which appear on your Outlook calendar. Microsoft Teams’ Public Switched Telephone Network Conferencing function is another potent tool.

When enabled, this feature allows people with spotty or no internet access to participate in Teams calls via a regular landline. Knowing how to enable PSTN Conferencing in Teams can guarantee that your communication plan is adaptable and inclusive, meeting the different demands of each member of your team.

To put it another way, Microsoft Teams bridges the gap between traditional telephone by utilizing PSTN Conferencing, so no team member is left behind owing to technology limitations. There is no substitute for a thorough and flawless experience. Find out more about moving a SharePoint site to a different tenancy and Teams tenant-to-tenant migration.


Zoom has established a reputation for itself since its launch in 2011 and is now a leader in the sector. The software can be used through Google or Facebook, and its basic free plan allows up to 100 users to join a call for 40 minutes. Although Zoom Pro ($14.99/month) still only supports 100 users, you’ll probably never run out of time because it has a 24-hour length restriction.

On the highest end of the spectrum, you may accommodate up to 1,000 attendees and display 49 videos simultaneously on the screen. Presenting a virtual background is now an option if you’ve ever been on a call and worried about your disorganized room.

With HelloBackgrounds, selecting the ideal zoom virtual wallpaper will never be difficult. With over 390 photos and video backgrounds, you may create the appearance of a chic boardroom or opulent private office. Thus, the clutter in the background need never be seen by other call participants.

Free Conference: performs just as advertised, offering some of the most comprehensive features for a no-cost service. Up to 100 people can participate in conference calls, which can be recorded, have different presenters, screen share, and have private conversations.

However, their Starter and Pro subscriptions come with more services. including features like phone support, increased security, and YouTube streaming. Prior to the commencement of the meeting, you must submit a request through their website if you need to have a huge call with hundreds of participants.

There is an iOS and Android mobile app for FreeConference as well.


WhatsApp most likely doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think about conference applications. Nonetheless, up to four people can participate in video conversations using the free service. While it will never be able to match more feature-rich conference calling programmes, it may be a helpful addition that lets coworkers rapidly catch up with one another. You can invite more persons to the call at any time. Furthermore, since WhatsApp is so widely used, it’s probable that someone you need to contact outside of the company will have the app.


Skype dominated the conferencing app market for many years. The video conferencing service is remains well respected, despite fierce competition in recent years. Calls may span four hours with up to 50 participants, a recent enhancement above the 25-person cap. Although Skype is still widely used for buddy calls and is accessible on desktop, mobile, and web platforms, many companies find the service’s restrictions annoying.

Before Microsoft Teams took its position as the preferred tool for company owners, Skype for company was suffering from a dearth of users. as rivals encroach on its market.

Last Words:

It’s not necessary to invest a bunch to locate a solution that works for your company. Numerous complimentary services are enough for little businesses. In any case, having a conference calling software that works for you is more important than ever, even though larger firms might want to invest in a subscription plan.

That concludes our discussion of the top conference calling tools for small and large organisations, which will enable you to increase your online productivity and work remotely with ease. These applications make it simple to arrange conferences, seminars, interviews, and other gatherings. After giving them a try, let us know which one you liked most!

CISCO Webex Meetings:

Webex has the best reputation for high-quality technology out of all the entrants. The reputation is also merited. You won’t find a more complete service, packed with every feature you could possibly want from a conference calling software. Calls with a 40-minute time restriction can accommodate up to 50 participants for free users. However, 1GB of cloud storage is also included. The setup is simple, and the audio and video quality is excellent. Therefore, there’s no need to fiddle with complicated software that makes you appear amateurish.

The most expensive subscription, Webex Business, has a 200 participant limit and 10GB of cloud storage. In presentation mode, you may annotate share papers, start polls, and share files instantaneously.

You’ll be able to log in whenever and wherever you choose with specialised PC software as well as mobile apps available for iOS and Android. Additionally, Webex offers really flexible service by enabling customers in up to 52 countries to attend a conference using a regular phone.

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