Top 5 Photo and Video Cloud Storage Platforms

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Photo and Video Cloud Storage Platforms

If you are someone who loves taking lots of pictures or videos of yourself or things but does not have enough storage in your phone, it’s time to upgrade to an external hard drive.

The best way to save any of your photos or videos online is to use the best online photo and video storage platforms with the help of which you can save any of your photos or videos online at any time and you wouldn’t have to worry that much about your phone storage.

Saving photos and videos online has its advantages, especially if you don’t want them to get deleted automatically.

You can safely store all of your images online so you can save them anywhere and access them anytime. You can even access them from your computer, tablet, or phone.

You won’t have to worry about losing any data or deleting anything. And lastly, you can wipe all your devices and make room for new media.

Best Photo and Video Cloud Storage

1. Google One

Google One Drive is the place to store everything. Not just for your photos and videos, but also for your Gmail, documents, and everything that you store in Google Drive.

This portable drive is available in various storage options such as 100GB, 200GB, 2TB, 10TB, and 30TB so that you can choose according to your need.

But keep in mind that all of them require a subscription. The great thing about Google One is that you can also share your subscription with your family so, you would not be required to get an individual subscription.

You’ll have access to over 100 Google experts, including the founders and the top contributors. All of the experts are amazing and have years of experience.

Androids are awesome. With their backup feature, and ability to restore your data from your previous backup, they are the perfect device for users who travel a lot.

2. Digiboxx

It’s one of the best video and photo storage platforms available in the market.

You can easily share your files with an email address and a mobile phone number.

Digiboxx has a free account but it is free till 20 GB after that you will have to take up the subscription and it comes with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Digiboxx offers On-demand, real-time editing and access, so you can easily update digital assets from your mobile or desktop.

This metadata tool helps you make your files more discoverable for easier searching. It can also let you upload multiple file formats and sizes.

3.iCloud Photos

If you’re an iOS user who wants to protect your files from data loss, this platform is the best storage backup option for you.

iOS Files is a powerful photo editing app that allows you to take pictures and videos, add effects, and share them on your social media.

It is a great tool for photographers who already use an Apple product.

Another advantage of it is that it backs up your phone.

If you love Apple’s Photos app you’ll love this app. It has syncing functions and can even be used to tag your photos with location and name.

This is a must-have app, you can use it as a diary to keep track of all the things you’ve done in your day.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a web-based service that’s easy to use, with no apps to download or set up. Its storage space is easily accessible to any user with a Microsoft Account.

You can store up to 5 GB for free, but you’ll need to pay to get additional space.

The premium users also get 30 days of versioning for file recovery (your previous file versions stay with the company for 30 days), making this an invaluable tool for any entrepreneur.

Not only is this but the premium users also get access to the whole Office 365 suite.

This app is available for Android and IOS devices.

5. Amazon Prime Photos

This storage platform is available to Amazon Prime members.

It lets users share and store unlimited photos and 5GB video for Prime Members, on their smartphone desktop, or tablet and it automatically tags their photos and videos.

You can also buy photo cards, prints, and calendars at affordable prices.

With Amazon Prime photos, members can invite up to 5 family and friends to receive unlimited storage for photos.

You can also view photos on the Fire TV or Echo show. Prime Photos has introduced a new feature called Groups with the help of this feature you can share your photos with a larger group.

This is only available for US users at this moment and is expected to launch in India very soon.


Here are some of the best Online Photo and Video Storage Platforms for storing your memories.

You must know which one you like the best. Please tell us in the comment section why.

There are lots of apps that are great alternatives to Google Photos, but if you’re looking to ditch them all then try using the new Apple Photos app.

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