Hyundai Extended Warranty 2023 Price List PDF

Hyundai Extended Warranty 2023 Price List PDF
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Price List PDF
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The Hyundai Extended Warranty 2023 Price List PDF download link is available below in the article, download the PDF of the Hyundai Extended Warranty 2023 Price List using the direct link given at the bottom of the content.

Hyundai is a famous car emblem known for its stylish and reliable automobiles. The organization offers an extensive range of motors, from sedans to SUVs, which are nicely constructed and characteristic-packed. To similarly enhance the ownership revel in of its clients, Hyundai offers an extended warranty software, which offers prolonged insurance beyond the factory warranty duration.

The Hyundai extended warranty software is designed to provide peace of mind to Hyundai owners by means of covering the price of upkeep and maintenance past the manufacturing facility guarantee duration. The program gives a number of plans to healthy the needs of different customers, consisting of folks who need comprehensive coverage and people who want to cowl unique additives.

Hyundai Extended Warranty 2023 Price List PDF

Hyundai Extended Warranty Plans

Hyundai offers four extended warranty plans:

  • Powertrain Plan: This plan covers the engine, transmission, transaxle, front-wheel power gadget, and rear-wheel power gadget.
  • Silver Plan: This plan covers the powertrain additives as well as the steerage, suspension, brakes, electric, and air-con systems.
  • Gold Plan: This plan covers the whole lot inside the Silver Plan, plus the audio and navigation structures, instrument cluster, and fuel machine.
  • Platinum Plan: This plan covers all components in the Gold Plan, plus excessive-tech additives like adaptive cruise manipulation, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking.

Hyundai Extended Warranty Price List

The rate of a Hyundai extended guarantee plan relies upon on various factors, consisting of the make and model of the automobile, the plan type, and the period of insurance. Generally, the longer the coverage period and the more complete the plan, the higher the rate.

To help clients recognize the fee of prolonged assurance plans, a Hyundai Extended Warranty 2023 Price List PDF on its internet site. The charge listing consists of the price of each plan for different fashions of Hyundai cars, as well as the fee of additional insurance options which include roadside assistance and apartment car insurance.

Benefits of Hyundai Extended Warranty

There are several benefits of getting an extended warranty from Hyundai:

  • Peace of thought: With an extended assurance, you don’t have to worry approximately pricey restore payments past the factory warranty length.
  • Transferable: If you decide to sell your Hyundai automobile, the extended assurance may be transferred to the new proprietor, which may increase the resale price.
  • Nationwide Insurance: Hyundai prolonged warranty plans are commemorated in any respect in Hyundai dealerships across the Country.
  • Genuine Hyundai elements: All maintenance below the prolonged assurance are done with the use of real Hyundai parts, ensuring the best best.


The Hyundai extended assurance application is an awesome manner for Hyundai owners to defend their investments and experience peace of thoughts on the road. With more than a few plans to select from, clients can choose the insurance that high-quality suits their desires and price range. The Hyundai Extended Warranty 2023 Price List PDF on the Hyundai internet site is a useful tool for clients to recognize the price of various plans for their specific version. Contact your local Hyundai dealership these days to research greater approximately the extended warranty program and get a quote for your car.

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